Donate to the Justice and Equality Fund

Your donation is an investment in helping us build our capacity and create a world that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for women of all kinds.

Inspired by the phenominal #metoo campaign and TIME’S UP movement, this initiative is being launched by a group of women in the entertainment industry, in collaboration with women’s organisations and activists in the UK.

The Fund supports organisations and projects across three themes:

1. Advice
Support and signposting: work to make sure people know their rights and can access good quality support for local and national issues. We want a society where everyone knows their rights and can access support to claim them.

2. Legal and Policy work
Support game-changing legal cases that can help improve laws and policies and create a safer future for us all.

3. Advocacy and prevention
Create campaigns and alliances that protect women’s rights, promote equality and ensure safe environments.